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I have a life-long fascination with motivation. Nothing is more intriguing to me than “why” people do the things they do.

And so much has been learned in the past 20-30 years, it practically constitutes a revolution in understanding. Not that all these ideas are necessarily new (though many of them are) but that the old ideas about motivation, expressed in proverbs, maxims, axioms, parables, etc., have been analyzed, evaluated and clinically tested.

Like the concept of ‘learned helplessness’ advanced by Martin Seligman of Penn State. Or like applying the techniques of whale trainers to human relationships, as in the books ‘Whale Done!’ or ‘What Shamu Taught Me About Love and Marriage’. Or the theory of ‘Mindsets’ advanced by Carol Dweck and ‘The Motivation Breakthrough’ for dealing with school children by Richard Lavoie.

These and literally dozens of other experts are putting out amazing information on breakthrough and breakout techniques and ideas about human behavior.

But they haven’t gotten enough press yet. At least, I don’t think so! So that is sort of what I plan to do here. Write about all the fabulous things I have been learning from the experts in the field of motivation and success psychology.

Motivation is the study of the “why” of movement, specifically, or course, human movement. But every living thing moves. Why? Why this movement and not that? Why now and not later? Why did that movement succeed and the other fail?

Good questions. I hope there are people out there who will find it as interesting as I do.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tom K.